60 day countdown until Insight Live

Insight Live Week is a five-day virtual summit you can take part in without leaving the comfort of your desk!

Even better, unlike physical conferences where you end up sitting through content you just don’t need, Insight Live lets you dip in and watch the specific talks on the topics that matter to you. It’s a free event, with 50 speakers and I’m one of them.

I pitched my webinar as “Digital Transformation – succeed with an effective communication strategy”. Why? I read so many amazing blogs about tech, innovation, skills, but I rarely (if ever?!) see any of them talk about essential elements of communication – communicating the plan, getting buy in, positive culture etc. It’s not all about the tech skills!

So, my session will be on 7 November at 4pm. Sign up here if you want to join – if you don’t, I won’t be offended, but you should consider sharing the link in case other people in your network would find it useful.

I’ve also decided to do a video, rather than just audio. I think people will find it more engaging.