Every year, I take time out to build on what I do. 

I review my services, my skillset, my overall offering and try and make it more streamlined, more accessible and more relevant. We work in such a fast-paced way and I think an annual review is essential for all businesses.

My reviews also give me an opportunity to build. Building on the image Aura portrays, the work I do, the relationships I have and what I want to do to reach another level.

I’ve worked in public relations for almost 20 years. I know, I don’t look that old, right?! 20 years working in an industry I hadn’t set out to work in and knew nothing about when I was invited to take my first role. 20 years and I haven’t looked back.

I’d like to encourage you to build your business, whether it’s public relations, your team, your professional development plan to up-skill, your business development or maybe even a merger or acquisition.

You can build on the culture you set, the talent you attract and retain and indeed the work that you do.

My motivation

I thought it might help to list my motivation for building.

  1. Life doesn’t stand still so you can’t afford to in business
  2. Tech emerges and challenges the way in which we work
  3. As new channels and areas of business emerge as a challenge, I need to build my skillset to be able to give the best advice to clients
  4. Acknowledge what’s working and what’s not – I see challenges as opportunities
  5. Seeing another consultant doing well and knowing you could do just as well if you took that approach
  6. Dreaming of bigger picture ‘work’. What’s the end goal? When Aura turned 10, the #NoBoundaries campaign was a catalyst for my thinking – I can work anywhere in the world, and my client can be at the other side of the world!
  7. No matter what happens to my business, I’ve always got plans. Trial and error is sometimes the way to figure out what works, but what has worked better for me, is to ask my audience directly
  8. Keep building your community, your network
  9. Build your collaborative approach to work
  10. Finally, building all of this, builds my confidence as a women in business, a female entrepreneur and a leader

Remember, every day is a new day. It’s an opportunity face the challenges head on and come up with a solution. It’s game on and all for the win!

What’s your motivation? What will you continue to build?

You might like to sign up to PR Space – a safe space to work ON your business, rather than always IN it. It’s a half-day, closed event for like-minded PR and comms professionals. Check out the website and information here. There are two scheduled events – one on 12 November in Edinburgh, to develop plans for 2020, and the next one will be 31 March in Glasgow. Check out all Aura training and events here.