In my quest to assist clients to be GDPR compliant, I have come across many useful GDPR resources.

In addition to the blog I wrote last November, “Useful information and actions to prepare for GDPR“, I wanted to collect the most useful GDPR-related resources I’ve found, which have helped make decisions and give the right advice.

GDPR compliant

Firstly, please don’t panic! There are many businesses panicking and not looking too professional right now!

As long as you’re taking steps towards being GDPR compliant, doing your research and ‘doing the right thing’, then you’ll be fine. Especially smaller businesses.

  • Firstly, do you control and or process data? You need to know this. Check out this link for more info.
  • Secondly, if in the last few years you’ve been collecting data through your website or blog via people subscribing and you can prove they have opted in, you don’t need to do anything. GDPR is more for companies who take data from online and elsewhere and those who just buy it in bundles, to stop people’s data being shared inappropriately.
  • You do need to update your Privacy Policy and note where you will hold the data and who/what else might have access e.g. MailChimp. This needs to be added to your website and links added to the likes of email footers etc.
  • You do need to check out whether or not you need to register with ICO (see below links).
  • Ensure you can trace and, if required, prove how people have opted-in to your emails/data

I’ve listed GDPR resources here along with any links.

The ICO guide for organisations, include self-assessment tools and links.

ICO Data Controller checklist.

ICO “12 Steps to take now” document.

A list of GDPR policy documents which you’ll need.

If you conduct e-marketing, then you’ll want to read this, too – Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communication.

If you use WhatsApp for business, read this helpful blog “Are WhatsApp and GDPR on a Collision Course?

I hope this post has been of some use and please do feel free to share and stop people panicking!