Change is often feared but I think it’s an exciting opportunity.

Embracing change doesn’t come naturally to many. It’s often feared as people move away from their comfort zone and into the unknown. I’m the opposite. I love change. Sometimes I need to stop change from happening so regularly, as it may confuse people. That’s a sign of my brain needing the buzz!

For me, change allows you to learn. Going into the unknown makes me curious. It makes me want to explore and try and test things. If you’re curious, you’re more inclined to be dipping your toe in the water and learning from the experience. Those who are too scared to dip their toes will end up static and won’t develop from the experience.

Now more than ever change is part of the agenda. It was only yesterday that I was talking to someone about how my business has changed in two years and how I had to change the brand to reflect the new, better version of Aura as a result.

Change is a constant as tech evolves and as humans are innovating, trying to overcome challenges and trying to solve more problems than ever, as tech allows us to do this. Think of drug trials, space missions and self-driving cars…

Change in public relations has been constant for over ten years now and I’m one of the pros who has embraced it and who is excited about the future of what we do and what value we can offer businesses.

Too many practitioners are still restricting their area of work to media relations and it’s not good for them or the industry. It’s not a proper representation of the power of public relations. It’s saying that we do publicity and that’s where it ends which is not strategic, not helpful and unless everyone gets on the same page, many will be left behind.

With the easy-to-understand model of PESO (thanks Gini!), the AMEC integrated framework for measurement and evaluation and all the tools we now have to be better and quicker at what we do, there is no reason for practitioners to be glued to how we worked in 2005. It’s now 2020, a new decade and an exciting time to further evolve. We don’t use faxes anymore, we don’t bike 35mm slides to picture desks and we don’t churn out press releases.

We have more opportunities than ever before to engage with stakeholders. Don’t ignore this opportunity. My call to action is to work with Chartered PR practitioners and those who are committed to professional development, as you’re guaranteed that they’ll be up-to-date, operating at the highest standards in strategy, ethics and leadership.

The impact of our work should speak for itself. Are you in?

PR festival

I’d been thinking about ‘change’ since my last podcast recording with Gayle from E-Spark. Change in public relations doesn’t have a happy medium. You’ve got people like me who are really pushing boundaries and using data to inform strategy and live delivery, and at the opposite end, you’ve got people undercutting professional fees who offer press release writing and distribution without any sort of strategy and ask their fellow peers “where can I get coverage for my client?” because they have no idea what the purpose of the release is and haven’t even thought about what impact the client needs on its business.

The question should always be why? Why do you ‘want coverage’? If it’s to reach X audience and try and get them to book a space at an event, you’re 100% more likely to get better engagement via an online approach, supported by content creation and some paid promotion. You can also track and analyse the results. So rather than waste time with a press release (which, let’s face it, won’t get coverage because of an event taking place, and won’t convert to bookings), think bigger. Think better!

Thanks for reading this burst of a post. It’s frustrating to see so much poor work being delivered by people who refuse to modernise and who don’t see any point in professional development. The paragraph above will help explain why as it reflects on all of us, not just that person.

So, let’s make 2020 the year that we leave those poor standards behind and rise to the challenge of change, modernising, progression and being more brave!