My campaign for now.

My feelings towards both business and life. “Don’t be clever, be thoughtful.”

Now more than ever, consumers are looking at how brands are handling the current situation. From building lists of brands they will never buy from again due to bad management of staff to lists of brands doing great things for the community, their customers and those in need.

I don’t often get too personal when writing posts, but there’s no time like the present! My brain is always geared towards helping other people and making sure they are okay. Right now, I’m working with my handful of clients to ensure they communicate appropriately with their stakeholders/audiencess and thoughtfully. If required, I’ve advised clients to change strategies for the time being.

I’m also working in my own industry to ensure my fellow public relations colleagues across the world are dealing with things okay. It’s a stressful enough job being on the front line or being in the firing line, never mind having to upset the environment you work in, how you work and the demands on your time to advise boards and work on all the communication deliveries and having a home life to manage!

This afternoon I’m hosting a virtual hangout with 50 other PR professionals from across the world. I’m checking in with them, giving them an opportunity to ask for support, discuss our challenges and plan for the next few months. Tomorrow I’m doing the same with businesses, offering free PR advice and on Friday, I’ve organised to host another virtual meet-up, this time for PRCA Scotland members (which I chair).

We need to consider the mental strain we will be going through right now. We need to check in with our customers, family and friends and make sure they are ok.

Customers will remember how you acted and what you said.

I’d be happy to provide links for any of the hangouts or meet-ups if you want to join. Drop me an email.

I’d be super grateful if you shared this post – it’ll help businesses focus the mind and start to put out content of real value. Thanks in advance.

Until next time, stay safe and stay home!