You’ll no doubt have seen that we have a job advertised at the moment for an account handler. That’s why I decided to write this post – to give you an idea of what to expect at Aura.

Well, I suppose there’s not real set day, every day is different, bringing opportunities and challenges. I suppose that’s the very nature of our work, to take advantage of opportunities and turn challenges into opportunities.

I am frequently out of the office at Aura or CIPR meetings, but when I am in the office, I’m normally glued to my PC and often with headphones in, if I’m concentrating on stats or a proposal.

The office is just the right size to feel part of a team, but also so you’ve got your own space to sprawl out – although I should point out, I do like a tidy desk and clutter free office! There is little documentation lying around, everything is in digital format so it’s easier to access online in or out of the office.

Activities we are involved with range from writing client reports to brainstorming sessions for client activities to a fun day out brainstorming our own strategy and activities – PR agencies often forget their own comms strategies!

Social media plays a big part of our role in our own and our client work – Facebook, TweetDeck, bitly, Pinterest and YouTube are generally always on screen and because we’re more involved in internal comms than before (see post I wrote about internal comms last week), access to Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey and Campaign Monitor are only a click away.

If you know me, then you’ll know I’m organised and the same goes in the office. Schedules are written up for all clients, including blog and social media content calendars, call out requests, reminders and items for editing. You’ll need to be up-to-speed on all digital comms so you’re able to pick up the pace as soon as you start.

We’ve also started doing  a lot more video work for clients, for their websites and integrating with social media. We’ve got an HD camera, mic and editing software so we’re quick to turn things around – generally this is essential as we’re always working to tight deadlines. Have a look at our YouTube channel to see past and current examples. Yes, we know we need to update our channel art, that’s one of your first tasks!!

Research is increasingly important in our work – before, during and after writing strategies. It helps ensure the strategy is informed. From media awareness, comms audit to stakeholders, we make sure we’ve got all our ducks in a row before we start drafting proposals.

I can’t say we work a 9-5 day – sometimes we start later if we’re at morning training or meetings and sometimes we’re in the office, or in my case working from home, later in the evening. That’s the advantage and disadvantage of working from the Cloud!

Whatever we are at Aura, we always aim to have fun when whatever we are working on and we’re always striving for the best possible results – there’s nothing better than evaluating what we’ve achieved for clients and indeed what the client has achieved as a result!

So, don’t delay, you’ve only got until 12pm on Friday to submit your application! Read about the process and apply now!

Blog post by Laura Sutherland, MD of Aura