What does collaboration bring?

I’ve come to realise that collaboration is now a key part of my mindset and that I’d like to continue doing business in this way. This is mainly because its effective and because I personally get a lot out of it; I’ve learned from others and their skills and knowledge, I’ve realised there are other ways of doing things and I’ve enjoyed getting more motivation from working with different groups on different projects.

8 reasons to be collaborative

  1. Other people boost performance – boosting motivation and  the energy of a group can substitute a whole team even if you work solo
  2. Virtual teams can out-perform face-to-face teams! In 2009, a research team led by Frank Siebdrat assessed the performance of 80 software companies around the world and found that more dispersed teams often outperformed “co-located” teams
  3. Having collaborators in wide geographic spread can help reach and diversity
  4. Better use of existing resources; less costly
  5. Better expertise; mix of skills and knowledge
  6. Responsiveness can be increased through economies of scale and availability of more resources
  7. Greater creative input, coming from different environments
  8. Can open minds to new thinking

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