From 15-18 August, Pride Glasgow, took place. 

9,000 people participated in a march at the weekend and it’s testament to the hard work put in to make it happen, despite numerous setbacks. #client

I’ve been in and out of reactive mode with them since April and have dealt with the harshest of media (and that’s a story for later). A few times it looked like we were on the straight and narrow and then another spanner was thrown in the work, so back to reactive work again…


Five sponsors, 80 volunteers, 27 events and 12 venues made Pride Glasgow happen this year. I might have had a part to play 😉

Rule 102 in PR – you’re a problem solver. Think of the challenge as the opportunity and turn it on its head.

When you’re talking about a city-wide event for thousands and thousands of people, there is no way that every person who attends will be happy. That’s life. And there have been a few pieces of feedback for the team to take on board going forward, but on the whole, the social media comments and emails have been proof that the effort was worth it.

Yesterday we met as a team for a hot debrief, while everything was fresh in our minds. (I’m still collecting coverage and will do the evaluation soon, too). We were set a task to start. Right something positive about each person around the table. The person then got their piece of paper with the comments from the team.

I just wanted to share some of the comments people made about me. I was touched:

Ultimate professional.

Remains calm dealing with the challenges. Ensures everything PR-related is seen to. 

Kept me sane through the last five months! A star.

Communicates well.

A consummate professional, balanced and a clear thinker. Great to work with.

Reading the client is so important when you’re a consultant. You need to be part of the team but remember you’re actually a consultant. In the case of Pride, as everyone was a volunteer, it was also important to show a bit of personality and sense of fun. Keep things light when people are feeling deflated.

I’d love to do a full case study of my work with Pride one day, but for now, I just wanted to share the positive impact I’ve had and the positive impact the client’s work has had.

Thanks for reading! I’m hoping to persuade the Chair to do a podcast interview with me soon! 🙂 Watch this space!