Aura celebrates its 10th anniversary on 1 November

I can’t believe it was 10 years ago, in a recession, when Aura was created and made waves. I’m now planning the 10th anniversary celebrations.

Over the last week or two, I’ve started to ‘tell Aura’s story’ on Instagram, by breaking down learnings, tips, challenges, what I do and how I work. Head over here to follow.

At the start of the year when I was planning Aura’s own activity, I brainstormed all the things I wanted to do to celebrate 10 years in business. I even Googled “How to celebrate a business 10th anniversary”. Most new businesses don’t survive the first year, never mind 10, so I wanted to recap what I’ve done, learned and focus on the future.


Aura PR (Scotland) Ltd was formed in October 2008 and was officially launched in November 2008.

Its mission has always been and will continue to be, to offer clients a high quality and personal service, with senior counsel around all areas concerning reputation and influence.

Starting with two directors, Aura quickly grew to a third team member after the first new client win, Lotus Cars and extending our work with Muirhead Leather to look after the PR and communication for the whole of Scottish Leather Group and its four subsidiary companies.

Moving on 

In 2012, I bought my business partner out and quickly established Aura as one of the most progressive and digitally-focussed PR consultancies in Scotland. In 2014, after consultation with clients past and present, I took the decision to run Aura as an independent consultant. I partner with other consultants with varying skills in brand, design, development and technology as required.

This agile approach has made the business more robust, fit for purpose and it means that I can focus on my specialism, working with businesses and organisations on developing strategies which support real, tangible goals.

Giving back

Committing to give something back, Aura has, until recently, always taken on summer interns, giving them hands-on practical experience of working in public relations and working alongside me. It hasn’t always worked, but some bright stars have come out of the internships and gone on to secure fantastic jobs in the industry, in Scotland and further a-field.

In addition, for the last eight years or so, I have given time to help the public relations industry through various roles in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations; Chair of the Scotland group; Board Director for the UK; Council member and developing and leading on key projects such as volunteer engagement and most recently, Chair of the esteemed Fellows’ Forum.


Award winning PR consultant - Aura's 10th anniversaryIn 2015 I was awarded a Fellowship from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). The award, an honour in any industry, was awarded for outstanding contribution to the CIPR and the public relations industry.

Since becoming Chartered in 2016, I use this achievement to differentiate myself from other consultants. Being Chartered demonstrates first class skills, knowledge and experience in leadership, strategy and ethics. It also underlines my commitment to continued professional development, which is essential in an industry which is moving quicker than ever before (thank to technology).

Earlier this year, I won the PRCA Dare Awards Freelancer/Consultant of the Year Award.

And now?

Now, in 2018, Aura (and Laura) celebrates its 10thanniversary. 10 years of hard work. 10 years of chasing a dream, to be the best practitioner I can be and offer the best advice to clients. 10 years of continued professional development, modernising my practice in order to add value to any business or organisation which chooses to work with me. 18 years working in the industry, 10 of which has been running a successful business.

Indeed my other baby, PRFest, is now in its fourth year and has diversified into further learning opportunities throughout the year.

How to celebrate a business 10th anniversary

I’m sure you’ll agree that’s all worth celebrating! In true PR style, I thought about a celebration party, thanking people for support, business and partner working. But one day, I was stopped in my tracks when I learned that Sophia Amoruso, the author of award-winning book, #GIRLBOSS, was hosting a two-day rally in New York City. The book was also turned into a TV series. The rally welcomes high profile female entrepreneurs and business leaders who will impart their knowledge and experience to a small audience.

Aura's 10th anniversary celebrated at The GirlBoss Rally

For those who don’t know the #GIRLBOSS story, I’ll quickly explain. Sophia started an eBay shop called NastyGal which sold vintage fashion. She wasn’t great at school, was fired from previous jobs and she was considered a bit of a drop-out. When Nasty Gal started to do well on eBay, she took the shop off eBay and started her own online business. Nasty Gal now sells globally. It’s grown without investment in its former years and now, Sophia has stepped back and brought in a new CEO. Sophia has now developed #GIRLBOSS into a whole new community, of women like me, who support other women in business and who want to keep learning, keep moving forward and success in business.

My dream as a wee girl, was always to be a ‘business woman’. I wanted people to respect my knowledge, experience and advice. I wanted to solve problems. I wanted to help businesses across the world.

The opportunity to go to New York and hear from an array of amazing women in business such as Sophia and Arianna Huffington, to name but two, as well as network with like-minded women, attend workshops to help me learn, was too great to pass up.

So, I’m not throwing a party, I’m using the budget I set aside for that to help myself and in turn my business. Through this investment I hope to come back inspired by global thinking and diverse views and be able to use that in my work. Who knows where that might lead but I’m excited to see where it can go. With the opportunity for my experience and skills to be utilised across the world, there should be no boundaries to where I can work and who I can help succeed.

New York Central Park

Other ways I’m celebrating Aura’s 10th anniversary

  • I’m working on a timeline of major milestones
  • I’ll be doing a blog post for 1 November – keep an eye out!
  • I’ll be offering a 10% discount for any bookings made in November for my 1-2-1 consultancy days (feel free to email me in advance if you’d like to take up the offer)
  • I’ll be continuing with Instagram story telling
  • I’m working on a short video recap of the ten years of work

… working on some other ideas

Thanks for visiting my site and reading about my plans for Aura’s 10th anniversary celebrations. If you’d like to add some ideas, please feel free to send me anything! Keep an eye on the Aura Instagram grid and stories and follow me in NYC in November!