This post is about the role public relations practitioners can and should play to help organisations understand how to prepare stakeholders and try to get the most from Brexit, whatever the outcome of the agreement.

Our opportunity is through clear, strategic leadership and by demonstrating how we can manoeuvre the impact of Brexit. PR practitioners need to be able to add value to boardroom conversations around Brexit and advise on best approaches. We can help organisations understand and plan, how and when to communicate and what this means, to its ‘publics’.

Change = opportunity

For example, I can help clients to try to prepare for Brexit by asking some basic questions:

#What is the likely economic impact be on your business? Think about supply chain, import/export costs, recruitment etc. (It doesn’t have to be negative)

#Are there different businesses set up under the main group?

#What are investors and financiers saying?

#How can we help prepare through stakeholder engagement? Remember your stakeholder groups are varied and require different approaches.

#Do we need to review policies?

#What are stakeholder concerns? Have you asked the most important people who effect the business?

#Internal communication, public affairs, media relations and investor relations are all part of the conversation and specialisms/areas we need to ensure are focussing on Brexit discussions. Is everyone in the fold?

Stakeholders will find confidence in the fact organisations bother to consult with them and tell them any plans

Building resilience is essential:

Relationships, understanding of social context, share of voice, political intelligence and influence.

The starting point is to answer the above questions. From there, draw up a scenario and risk assessment, ensuring it is as comprehensive as possible and informed by all stakeholder groups.

From there, a strategy specific to Brexit is developed. Remember, not everyone will understand what Brexit means, the political and business implications, so it’s important we use easy-to-understand language.

Do you need support in your organisation? I’d be happy to hear from you if you’d like to take advantage of my consultancy services. They are discreet, focussed and will leave you feeling confident you’re on top of whatever the outcome…

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Businesses are nervous, they aren’t investing and they need strategic advice to ensure whatever happens, relationships remain strong and trust remains at an all time high. Please share this post in your networks as it may help other people.