Brand activation is about bringing your brand alive and giving users the real experience

Brand activation is about reinforcing the value of your product or service, helping raise awareness and potentially changing perceptions.

Proper thought should be given to brand activation, giving people a real flavour of your product/service and why they should buy it.

With the rise in augmented and virtual reality there’s a plethora of things brands can do to engage people. On top of that, Aura is also looking into geo-targeting messaging and applications for on-site and local proximity messages. This is ideal for location-based sales, including restaurants, clothes shops and supermarkets. The idea is to send out personalised messages via bluetooth to someone nearby and it works via their existing apps, likes, previous purchases and behaviours etc.

The message should be personalised and should engage users with what’s going on in-store.

Brand activation has the potential to launch a brand or indeed change perceptions. The interactive and engaging nature of brand activation can have a big impact on future buying decisions.

Creativity and design thinking are key components in researching and planning brand activation concepts. There’s no point in copying someone else. Everything has to come back to your brand what its value is to the consumer.

Examples of brand activation

Example #1 Back in 2011 Starbucks was launching its new customer loyalty initiative and came up with this interactive screen for the public to see what loyalty rewards they would get.

Example #2 Tiger Beer wanted to change perceptions about Asian products. It started with perceptions about ‘Made in China’ and people assume the products to be cheap. Tiger opened a pop-up show in New York, featuring the best of Asian fashion, art and design – over 700 items. The pop-up helped change perceptions – there was excitement and Asian designers were hailed rather than snubbed. Watch the video here.

Example #3 is one of my favourites! Quebec wanted people to know the sites and the landscape. It invited two well known travellers to participate in an adventure, waking up to a new view each day. “A room with many views.” This is the fantastic result. Watch the video here.

So you see, a city, a country, a product, a service, every brand has a way of activating itself and engaging and inspiring people. Granted, there have been budgets involved, to varying scales, but if you think about the opportunities, the partnerships and the impacts, you can draw everyone into the brand life.

Now it’s your turn!

We’re up for testing and really developing stand-out ideas for brand activation.

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What does your brand do? How do users interact with it? Contact us and we can help you develop a show-stopping idea!