As part of our blogger interview series, we asked Emma Mykytyn, one half of Foodie Explorers, if she’d like to take part.

Our blogger interview series aims to give insight into some of Scotland’s top bloggers and how PR practitioners and brands can work more effectively with them.

Blogger interview #5 with Foodie Explorers by Aura’s Laura Sutherland

Tell us a bit about your blog

foodie explorersI grew up around food with my dad being a Chef, so I’ve always been interested in the kitchen side of things, and more sympathetic to demanding diners I think!  I used to be a PA but came back from London with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which curtailed a lot of my life.  Thankfully Mark (Mr Foodie) was understandable and I used my night time lying in bed with insomnia energy to blog about the places we went to visit.

We’ve been writing since 2007 and have recently decided to spread our wings a bit from Glasgow as we love to travel and wanted to show that you can visit good places and eat well on a budget.

Glasgow is of course where we were both born and raised so holds a special place in our hearts, so Glasgow and west of Scotland places get top blogging spots from us.

#1 What inspired you to start blogging?

We enjoy going out and thought there was space for less formal journo written content and more, this is what it was actually like.  With photos of the food and not just what the restaurant looks like.

#2 How do you plan your content/posts?

Badly, I should be more professional about scheduling and planning.  Starting to get that way with further ahead events such as Valentines, Burns Night but the week to week stuff it’s still flying by the seat of our pants!

#3 Do you use a professional photographer?

No, we both love photography and Mark especially is a dab hand at the camera.

foodie explorers blog#4 What are the challenges of blogging?

Learning a whole load of skills you never had before.  Photography, IT, graphic design, invoicing, dealing with PR’s etc.  So many.

#5 Do you need a budget for blogging?

We try!  However, our vice in life is food so it’s hard to keep a budget.  I’m not a big fashion/make up person so I save money that way!

#6 What’s been the most popular post you’ve ever done and why do you think it was the most popular?

One of our most popular blogs was about Five Guys when it opened.  It hit a spot with readers both for and against the expensive burger invasion of Glasgow.

#7 How do you manage you work, life and blogging balance?

Poor Mark is a zombie, I drag him along to events, then he has to photograph and sort out posts as well.  I don’t work due to my health, so can “relax” a bit more.  It’s hard not to let the blog become your life and learn to put the iPad down at night and enjoy the quiet.

foodie explorers travel#8 What’s the most important thing you’d say to anyone starting a blog?

Write what you enjoy about as that enthusiasm will come through in your writing.  If you are just doing it to look good, impress others or get free stuff – you’ll get found out.

#9 Your blog has a huge amount of content on the landing page. How do you prioritise what people see first?

Its very selfish in that I jiggle things around to how I would like to see it.  If I’m interested in it, then I hope others will be too.

#10 What’s been your favourite place to visit out of all the blogs you’ve done?

Oh that’s a hard one, it changes each time we find a place we like. We love Cail Bruich and Turnip and Enjoy as well as Sunday lunch at Malmaison. Travel-wise Berlin is our favourite city and we (well I am) getting withdrawal symptoms from not visiting this year.