If you like your clients and believe in what they do, what are the limits you’d go to, to make sure the client got the best possible service?

Today (and for several weeks), the Aura team is working hard on the West End Festival Mardi Gras Parade, which is taking place this Sunday (9 June).

Byres Road is closed from 8am and there’s plenty of action – buskers, street art, stalls, Seafood Showcase, Ceilidh on the Corner and of course the Parade itself – hundreds of participants who have hand made their costumes for the special day, making it colourful and a real spectacle.

Today has been a bit busy to say the least – we distributed the press release for Sunday, this morning, with an embargo for print and broadcast so that they have the release in plenty of time ahead of the Parade on Sunday. We’ve taken numerous media enquiries about the Parade and activity and we’ve also made at least 50 calls inviting the press to come along on Sunday for photo, film and interview opportunities.

We’ve organised radio interviews with Real Radio and Radio Clyde and had a last minute request from STV to do a news piece for tonight’s news about the weather, preparations for the parade and a sneak peek at some of the costumes.

This was not a problem and we were delighted to take the call and coordinate costumes and location with Noel, the Parade Coordinator.

STV arrived, presenter and camera man, costumes all out, but oh, not a girl in sight to wear ‘Heaven’, the Brazilian costume…… apart from me!!

Here’s hoping the person wearing ‘Heaven’ on Sunday looks a bit more authentic! So, look out for me on STV tonight!

The West End Festival runs from 31 May – 30 June – plenty of events for everyone!


Blog by Laura Sutherland, Aura PR