If you’re a funny kind of person, as in funny ha ha, you’ll be tempted to use humour in social media and rightly so, as this reflects your personality and will attract followers who appreciate it. If you look at Pinterest for example, some of the most popular posts are what I like to call ‘Friday Funnies’ – good humour works because it connects people at an emotional level.

Here’s my top tips for how to use it properly:

  1. If you know about Facebook EdgeRanks, which I’ve become increasingly aware of – it’s the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine how high on a user’s feed your posts will appear – you’ll know it’s not the easiest to follow if you’re not too techy. Have a look at this infographic which talks about Conquering Facebook but it uses clever humour to make it easier to understand
  2. Keep it short and fairly simple – quotes work well and as mentioned above, postcards and images do too – I really like “Yes Officer I did see the speed limit sign I just didn’t see you”! for inspiration
  3. Don’t forget who you are representing, whether it’s your personal brand or your company’s
  4. Choose your humour wisely – it’s not cool to get involved in political fun poking
  5. Think of the consequences of the post – sometimes it can backfire

Here’s a good read of Social Media Today’s post from July this year which talks about the best digital marketing humour. My favourite is this awkward stock photos!

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Blog post by Laura Sutherland