We visited The Lighthouse on Friday night for the private viewing of a new exhibition. An entire year of travelling and life events has been put in to 365 drawings by architect graduate Anna Gibbs. This deep, and personal insight in to her life is on public display at The Lighthouse; Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture in Glasgow from the 5th of October until the 23rd of November, as an exciting conclusion to her self-motivated drawing challenge.

Anna Gibb Merchant Glasgow

The drawings are a visual diary of Anna’s travels and life experiences throughout the year, depicting how she saw the world through her eyes at that moment in time, not only on a couple of days in particular, but every day for a whole year.

Anna set herself the challenge on the 1st of February, 2012. She said: “The project was a way to break away from the formality of the drawing board, and a way to express myself both creatively and emotionally.

“I’m really pleased, and honoured, that the exhibition is in The Lighthouse. I’ve always enjoyed trips there. They always have a fantastic mix of art, design and architecture, into which I think the drawings fit well.”

She was chosen to exhibit at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale which involved trips to London, Moscow and Venice. Anna also travelled and drew pictures whilst in Paris, Belfast, Italy and Glasgow; the drawings give the public a view of the world through Anna’s eyes.

The drawings will be displayed on a Japanese style screen and printed on silk, along with a television slideshow with all the images. Anna continued: “Mixed in with drawings of cities are those of wanting to escape, being stressed at work, friends getting married and having babies, and my new relationship.”

The exhibition will feature 12 frames housing the 12 sketchbooks Anna used during her 365 drawings challenge. Some of her drawings include 47 of Glasgow which has been Anna’s home since autumn 2012, 39 of Italy where she has described as being her biggest influence following a three month scholarship in Venice in 2009, nine of Paris and nine dreaming of escape.