Are you ready to evolve and be remarkable?

Last year I was reading a lot of predictions for 2019 public relations and communication trends. I even wrote some of my own, you can read them here. I was also of people saying we need to get back to basics, to stop chasing shiny new things.

This year, my focus is firmly on helping clients be remarkable at what they do. There is nothing wrong with trying new things and new channels, and I encourage them, but quality over quantity should be the case.

Knowing audiences, inside and out, and understanding how channels can help clients reach and engage their audiences, is first and foremost. Be remarkable at your own business and use the right channels and engagement will be easier.

This is how I will be helping clients:

  • Earn trust through understanding and innovation – satisfy audience curiosity
  • Create personalised experiences – earn that place in your audience’s lives
  • Focus on what your customer needs – earn loyalty
  • Use data to drive customer intimacy – get closer to your customers and prospects
  • Use intelligent thinking
  • Help clients get ready – bolster teams with the right skills to tackle the new era
  • Refine processes
  • Be more flexible to respond to opportunities
  • Fuel collaboration across the business – public relations has a 360 degree view, so we’re perfectly placed to spot opportunities for collaboration

Be remarkable

The challenges

For ‘Heads of’ PR/communication/marketing, the challenge will be in team skills and team structure. A review of the business plan and the PR strategy will soon determine if the team is up to the job the way it stands. Or, do you need to retrain and upskill your existing team, or recruit new skills into the team?

For agencies, the challenge will be to break the traditional roles of Junior Account Exec, Account Exec, Account Manager etc. Staff need to be empowered. They need to think like entrepreneurs and they need to take ownership and be allowed to think differently. Using the PESO model to develop team roles will make for a better integrated approach.

This means, a different culture within the agency and in-house. It also means being the strategic adviser we are meant to be – moving away from doing what the client *tells* you to do and properly advise. Challenge if required. We must always ask ‘why?’, if we’re to try and achieve objectives and measure impact.

Be remarkable

There is a tendency to look at what others are doing and get FOMO, or to question what you are currently doing, but to be remarkable in your own business means focussing on your product or service and delivering it in your own special way. No-one else can do that. Everyone has something different about their business, whether it’s only recruiting people with disabilities, giving a percentage of profits to a specific charity or having a unique process. What is your unique offering?

Part of my role is helping you define what makes you remarkable and advising how this can be communicated to your audiences. To be remarkable, you have to think innovatively, have passion, believe in your business and put your all into making it work. That includes working with people like me! 😉

So, the challenge is set for 2019. BE REMARKABLE!

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you found it useful and perhaps even sparked some new ideas. I’d love to hear from you if you want to explore how I can help you achieve your goals. If you think this might help other people, please do share on social media channels.