Earlier today I launched PRFest’s DRIVEN Pledge initiative, which is a free easy-to-use tool, which aims to help PR leaders and individuals start making positive changes to their approach to diversity and inclusion.

Throughout the two-month process of developing the Pledge and consulting with a diverse group of people in the industry, I was thinking about my own pledges.

Back in June, at PRFest, I made the following commitments via publishing a blog:

  1. Take a collaborative approach – so far, I’ve spent days of my own time speaking to PRCA, CIPR and a range of organisations and communities in public relations to discuss the manifesto idea, and encourage a collaborative approach to solution. This is no job for you, me or one organisation. It needs to be a collaborative and conscious effort
  2. Launch DRIVEN framework at PRFest and develop a draft manifesto for industry (ongoing work)
  3. Speak at #CommsHero alongside colleague Rax, and reach another audience (date tbc)
  4. Review speaker pitch process for PRFest (later in 2020)
  5. Widen my own and PRFest’s network and actively seek a more diverse audience (ongoing)

So, in that time, I can report on the following:

  • Today, I organised and ran an event featuring the two industry bodies (CIPR and PRCA) to appear in PRFest’s online event as well as the Taylor Bennett Foundation
  • The DRIVEN Framework was launched at PRFest in June, and since, I’ve managed to outline and design the DRIVEN Pledge, which was launched this morning
  • #CommsHero has confirmed my speaker slot and I’ve invited Rax Lakhani to share the slot with me (30th September)
  • I’ve still to review the speaker pitch process for PRFest, but that will come with a wider review and new plan
  • Wider my own and PRFest’s network – since early June I have worked hard to widen my network, offer opportunities on my blog and podcast as well as give advice. This is ongoing

Today, I’d like to mark the launch of PRFest’s DRIVEN Pledge, with my own pledges:

I plan to report on my pledges every October, along with my usual annual reporting on learnings and successes.

I’d urge you, if you work in public relations, to make your own DRIVEN Pledges. You can find out more and download the free roadmap here.