Today’s blog has been inspired by a few things. Firstly, the lack of understanding about meaningful and relevant content. Secondly, quality is a priority not quantity and thirdly, by writing this blog, I hope to educate some people!

When I say less of it, I mean less activity (linking back to quality, not quantity). When I say more of it, I mean more quality content for each specific activity.

For example, when we’re working on B2B events, we know that rather than firing out press releases and randomly tweeting nonsense, we need to come up with a plan that uses quality content to form quality posts, across all social platforms, website, e-marketing and even slideshare.

In our experience, the more effort you put into doing less, but more, you get a much higher engagement level from the relevant audiences and as a result, you achieve objectives.

So, my top 5 tips would be:

  1. Consider the audience and what content might be available to you
  2. Consider the activity and what would be useful to come from this e.g. slides, polls etc
  3. Consider the timeframe and what’s going to achieve better results
  4. Plan your content and ensure it’s timely
  5. Execute the content plan and ensure you’re live to respond to questions, points made etc

DON’T FORGET TO EVALUATE! You might learn from this for the next time.

We don’t believe in just doing something for the sake of it. There may be better, more timely, engaging and indeed effective ways of carrying out activities. The most popular suggestion is just to ‘fire out a press release’. It’s rare if we send out any more than one release a week. That’s because we aren’t blinkered into getting coverage for the sake of it and we don’t do blanket coverage, we’re much more strategic in our approach to journalists.

The other favourite is, ‘we’ll just send out a few tweets’. You’d be better knitting a scarf than sending out a few tweets. What’s the purpose of that? What does it link to? You could be clever like me, and have content online, ready to link to, which will help increase site traffic. You could also then think about what the person will do once they visit the site and what they might do when they leave it. See what I mean?!

What’s the impact going to be? How does this relate to business objectives?

So, think about one activity at a time and ensure you’ve followed the top tips to ensure you’re doing something for a reason with an effective result.

I know a good few people will agree with this post, so feel free to share!

Blog post by Laura Sutherland