Never be stuck again for ideas and topics to blog about

It’s something many bloggers and PR people find difficult to be inspired by – a blank content calendar! Turn it into a positive and follow these steps. Content, after all, needs to be relevant to your audience, so where better to start?

  1. Imagine what your target audience might search for on Google? What key words would they be typing in? Right them down! These key words will be great for helping your SEO in your content
  2. Listen to your customers, staff and clients – a source of topics from the staff room to your social channels
  3. What’s the latest in your industry? Is there a topic, such as a scandal, that you can comment on? For Aura, this blog is useful to clients we work with to help develop content for the online and social channels
  4. What are your peers talking about? You don’t want to be behind! Subscribe to similar blogs, emails and set up a Google Alert
  5. Ask your audience! Create a Twitter poll or ask your audience directly, what they might want to read about
  6. Similar to the above, but using someone else’s content, ask someone to write a guest post for you – someone who has credibility and can add value to your site
  7. Think of other ways of presenting your blog – for example, if there is a meaty conversation you had with someone about a specific topic, invite that person to do a podcast with you, or perhaps a video
  8. Reading – reading books and papers can really liven your thoughts and indeed own opinions about topics and news. Always keep a pen and notebook beside you for those ideas