As mobile has climbed the ladder to be one of the most popular ways to interact with brands, consume information and search, 2016 is the year you’ll need to ensure your PR and communications strategy is relevant. According to independent market research company eMarketer, the number of smartphone users will surpass 2 billion worldwide in 2016.

Here’s our top 5 tips for mobile marketing:

  1. Think like your user before you write a plan – think of how your strategy will benefit the user
  2. Location, location, location – be aware of the opportunities which exist to target your customers either by location or on location. Notifications can be sent to mobile users in a specific venue or location offering them a discount or promoted product, related to the venue or location
  3. Interests – the apps which users download can offer targeted advertising, or, using the example above, an specific app related to the location or venue could be offered to the user and suggested content could be offered, customised to the users interests
  4. Data can give us a lot of information about audiences and in particular, how they use a site or an app. Be aware of their attention span and try and keep any content or ads short and to the point
  5. Be aware of bombarding the user with too many ads and too much content – they might switch off
  6. Testing – mobile can be a hard nut to crack, especially with the fast-paced developments of tech. You must allow time for testing and for getting feedback. Use your data and any ‘fails’ as lessons learned.

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