Over the last two months I’ve hosted three events to help you get ready for things opening back up.

It’s fair to say the pandemic has changed everything and businesses now need to be focussing much more on people, planet and being more human.

As a result of research and changes, I want to clearly articulate how I can be help you, now.

Here are 10 ways I can help you, no matter your budget, all specific to my skillset, knowledge and experience.

1. An audit of your channels and what the data is saying, plus recommendations for immediate and future action
2. Stakeholder research and profiling. Your stakeholders will have changed and so will their habits and requirements, most likely. A research project to identify the stakeholder groups, rank them, survey them and then use this to inform what they need, when they need it and how you’ll do it.
3. A website audit and proposal. Websites have never played a more pivotal role in being the first and ongoing point of contact with your stakeholders, whether it’s internal or external. When was the last time you changed your website and refreshed it? I tend to review mine every six months, as things change.
4. Re-launch. A specific project to help you relaunch out of lockdown and reengage your audiences on email, social and in-person.
5. Internal communication is one of the biggest things businesses now regret not having invested in before. It’s part of what builds company culture and brings everyone together. It’s what makes the team feel valued and want to stay with you. A review of your current plan and a proposal for improvements, or a fresh start and a brand new plan, will help keep everyone together and feeling good.
6. Future proofing. Helping leadership teams and business owners look at the current business plan, how the world has changed, and work to ensure there is resilience in communication, in managing reputation, looking at risks and scenarios. This is a more in-depth business review, but it’s one every business and organisation should be focussing on this year.
7. Brand review. Everything has changed and maybe it’s time your brand modernised? A full review of your brand mission, vision, values, personality and identity. It’ll help you in every communication you put out and it’ll help attract more of the right customer.
8. Product launch strategy and roll-out plan. A ready made plan for you or your team to roll out. Not everyone can afford someone like me to do everything for them, and often I help develop the strategy and give my ideas for work plans and that’s enough for small businesses to be getting on with.
9. Monthly 1-2-1 meetings (90mins) to discuss challenges and use my 20 years’ experience in PR, to help develop a plan to overcome them and turn them into opportunities. 
10. Mentoring and coaching. Monthly 1-2-1 meetings (1hr), for six months, to help you launch your own consultancy, understand your skills gap and what you need to do to modernise your practice, help you become a better leader of your team.

Please do get in touch to have an initial chat about how I can perhaps support your specific needs. I know every business and every situation is different, so I take a very personal approach to scoping out the extent of work required. Plus, I like to work through the challenges WITH you.

Mobile or WhatsApp: 07764 936480 E: laura@aura-pr.com