Website development – with the user at heart

The user experience of websites counts for everything. Get website development wrong and users leave the site looking for something better. You need to keep people on your site once they find you!

With the right website development, design and user experience, you can rank higher in search engines (SEO) making you easier to find and hopefully before your competitors, your users will have a pleasant and perhaps personalised experience, through to generating leads and sales as an objective.

Aura works with brands to develop websites which work on a number of levels. Some are basic information sites, some are e-commerce driving online sales and some are for external and internal use, with the functionality of storing and sharing files with a log-in. For example, a number of professional services now use their websites to share information with their clients.

website development - Lighthouse Events

The Lighthouse Events

We’d start off with a brief about your brand, your business/organisation and the purpose of the site. We’d then look into your target market, competitors and propose a suitable solution. We’d also make some recommendation for how to go one better and really personalise the experience someone has on your site. It’s the personalised touches which count and which could be the clincher.

Aura would work with you to develop a brief and we’d work with one of our highly experience design and development consultants to deliver. We’d also write the copy for the site based on your business, audience, objectives and ensure it was optimised for SEO and worked well across multiple devices.

Aura also carries the same principles of user experience and needs over to other forms of digital activity, ensuring all your communication is integrated.

Contact us now to have a chat about how we can make your website work for you and generate the leads and sales it needs to.

website development - 2020 Climate Group Aura PR

Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group website and intranet