crisis management

Crisis communications is essential … before it even happens

Few brands know they need a crisis communications plan until they have a crisis on their hands.

With the rise of citizen reporting on social media, news, incidents and more are often broken via video or picture on a social platform and your crisis communications may not even have kicked in. The mainstream media then pick up and before you know it, you’ve got the general public drawing their own conclusions and media enquiries coming in thick and fast. Your reputation is fast flying out the window.

crisis communications glasgow scotland Aura PRIn times of crisis, you need an experienced, calm and effective crisis communications adviser who will help take control of the situation. We don’t ‘brush it under the carpet’. That’s not honest or transparent. We’ve worked on crisis communications from road safety to global organisation slander situations and we’ve always managed the issue in a professional manner.

There may be press statements required, there may even be a need to bring in a lawyer, but you can be rest assured you’ll have the highest professional experience on your side, managing your reputation and advising on the strategy.

Minimising the crisis

Before a crisis even hits, we should develop a crisis communications plan, which will involve identifying issues and risks. We know what we need to do in terms of risk planning, strategy development and testing. We also know we need to test it regularly to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

Clear lines of communication have to be established, staff need to be briefed about the crisis communications protocol and it’s essential that no-one should speak to anyone without consulting your crisis communications advisor.

Our experience

With over 10 years of experience in crisis and issues management, from deaths in road traffic accidents to health and environmental issues in manufacturing, we’ve faced many experiences where our calm and informed approach has meant a well-managed situation and a satisfactory outcome for the client.

If you’ve not planned for a crisis situation, then perhaps you need to call us in … before it happens.

Get in touch now to discuss how we can help your business avoid or during a crisis situation.