Creative inspiration – it’s how we engage your target market

Being creative isn’t natural to everyone. Being creative means you’re doing something different and it’s likely to be attention grabbing.

creative campaign, Paul Smith Glasgow

Campaign design by Glasgow City Council’s designers Hello, My Name is Paul Smith at The Lighthouse

Creative activity and campaigns are part of public relations activity, engaging audiences on and offline. Although our skills are varied, we work with like-minded creative people and businesses, to develop effective tools and platforms for campaigns.

Take the animation we developed with a partner a few years ago; we had to communicate how a thermal energy plant worked. It was rather complicated to explain and boring to look at, but the purpose and impact of the ground-breaking piece of engineering was the exciting part! If we hadn’t used animation, the pictures of the plant would have been uninspiring, we’d have had to accompany with text and no-one would have fully understood.

Graphic designers, animators, web developers, illustrators, graffiti artists and photographers are just some of the talented creatives we work with to develop these imaginative communications activities.

Creativity brainstorms

Aura works with some clients on a strategic basis, working with in-house teams on strategy and creative brainstorming. We don’t have to be involved in executing a campaign, sometimes it helps to have an outsider’s perspective, knowledge and experience.

This blog post on ‘design thinking’ is a useful post reflecting on human-centred processes and it’s a similar process for any element of creativity – especially testing and refining.

From graphic design to visual merchandising the ideas should always encompass your brand and the target market.