Mission and Vision

Aura’s mission and vision is centred around harnessing the power of public relations


My mission is to work with clients so they understand the benefit, impact and return of investment of robust, strategic public relations. Through the work I do, I want it to underline the purpose of the organisation and the impact it has on wider society. Public relations isn’t about selling. It’s about finding what your stakeholders care about and using that to strengthen the organisation and making it relevant, trustworthy and representative of the people it seeks to engage. That’s where reputation comes from – what others say about you, not what you say.


My vision will guide my own decisions within Aura. It will guide, along with my values, who I work with and who I don’t. My vision is to work across the world, with world-class organisations, to change the way in which they look at public relations, how they integrate it within their organisation and properly monitor, measure and evaluate it’s function. Essentially, I want to modernise the approach to an often under-valued and misunderstood strategic management function.

In addition, I want to carry on working with other senior public relations and communication professionals, guiding them through changing and often challenging times, in their organisations, careers and professional development.

My collaborative approach to my work and my entrepreneurial spirit will allow much more meaningful work and relationships to be developed, as well as a wider reach and effective results.